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The Radical Shift to Joyfulness and Health

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

What is it that we all desire? – I’ll tell you what… we love to live our own way, we want to do what comes to us spontaneously, and we need to address the inner demands and be able to express them freely without the fear of being judged for being ourselves. Thus we live and breathe fully and for that some of us would go to any extent. Every act of crime as civilization calls it, invariably has its roots in fear… of subjugation, of suppressed desires and non-fulfillment that at times gets driven over the cliff.. the individual loses his/her mind, reasoning and responsibility. But desires are an outcome of a deep inner urge. Naturally, if there were a way to ensure that urges aren’t harmful to the Self , to others, or adverse to the preservation of life then we would be breathing in a different world altogether.

What could be a sure way to ensure peace, health and uninterrupted inner joy? –

Ever since our birth we witness others, their behavior, expressions, and the subtle energies behind each become obvious to the analyzing mind. As the mind matures they get almost indelibly imprinted on it, influencing our thoughts and shaping our opinions. Consciously or unconsciously we perceive everything around us through the filter of our mental conditioning based on constant comparisons with what we have witnessed so far. Thus emerge our perceptions and beliefs. Good and bad are personal opinions, and external impositions would do the least to change the way one perceives them.


The change must come from within the core of one’s existence… from a place of consciousness that is universally and individually constant, beyond change, beyond beliefs, opinions and imprints. The inner consciousness must be nurtured by the conscious mind. Thus the inner voice must be turned up significantly. Conscience must be awakened by reconnecting with the nature of the spirit within… SPIRIT that remains divine by nature, unscathed and unpolluted no matter how deep the layer of ignorance that shrouds the conditioned mind. In the present day civilization life is largely a network of relationships with external perceptions of people, the world around, places and situations. Little or no space is created to know the inner world, to perceive the subtle energies, fundamental phenomena of life energies and a higher consciousness buzzing every second deep within at frequencies vastly beyond what we train ourselves to sense around us. Just as the child of this day and age is taught at every step of the way how to see, how to express, how to act, what to do, the shapes, the alphabet, the sounds, the numbers and the colors, so can he or she be trained to perceive the rich inheritance of inner worlds. As soon as a child is old enough to understand and respond verbally, a five minute family meditation/inner focusing practice for the perception of the inner consciousness is a must in order to develop the awareness of the spirit within, to get acquainted with one’s true innate nature, to find the address of unconditional love and joy within and not without… to realize love as the essence of our creative Divine Source.


One small initiative that will go a long way, through generations and transform the human race from within, inside out (not the other way around)… Once a child is two years old, parents and rest of the family should make it an integral, special and the most awaited part of their daily routine to sit with the child in silence for five to ten minutes twice everyday. During this time the child must be taught everyday to close his/her eyes and to listen. Listen to everything in silence. Listen to the heart, the breath, and gradually learn to listen to the silence within… to find the source of inner joy within oneself. This twice a day five to ten minute practice of connecting with one's inner consciousness is the only way that can restore a human being to its original nature of love and joyfulness. Without inner awakening, justice and compassion imposed from external sources could do little to bring the kind of radical transformation in thought patterns the world needs to eradicate crime in all its forms that currently plague our society. The voice of conscience alone can tell right from wrong, and imbibing the skill to hear it right from toddlerhood is the one and only way to bring about that fundamental shift in one's external nature, thoughts and behavior.

Five to ten minutes of joyful breathing with your toddler can ensure a lifetime of health and inner peace for him/her...

Like the child is made to brush his/her teeth, a five minute consciousness meditation twice or at least once everyday is in fact an absolute necessity. This is all it takes to create the much essential global awareness that the pure one that lives within me is identical to the pure one that lives within every other living being, and that it is to be nurtured, loved, served and preserved at all costs and in all situations! When you get to grow up and mature with the awareness of who you really are, of your inner divine presence, and realize that all others have an identical inner presence too then mutual love, peace and respect become the spontaneous way to coexist at a personal and global level.

Train your toddler to sit for five to ten minutes once or twice everyday and practice conscious breathing... to ensure a healthy mind and body leading to a peaceful world. Meditate everyday. Help your children learn the sacred method of connecting with his/her inner voice of truth, make it a vital and crucial part of parenting. It is our primary responsibility to nurture and raise your little one to be a spiritually aware human being. Once this aware generation steps into the wide world, crime will but exist as a rare word found in historical texts of yesteryears. Such is the power of inner awakening and the voice of conscience! Once you have learnt to live by it, law and order become internal phenomena. Look within, hear within, and be guided by your inner voice that discriminates truth and fairness from everything else.

With love and light! ~ Sunetra Basu Devanand

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