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Looking for His Presence - a Sai devotee's dilemma

Often we wonder, wait and sulk at things not happening our way. After being in Sai space and being connected to Sai for quite some time, and devoted reading of Sri Sai Satcharita too why He isn’t showing His presence and miracles …

Do you think it could be that Baba is saying it is time for you to become aware of His deeper presence in your life?

Do you think Sai might be waiting for you to perceive His divine presence more and more, much much more than occasionally through a picture or a message?

Do you think His presence could be in His apparent absence? - In the beating of your heart, in the blood flowing through your veins, in every breath of life energy you are able to inhale and the normal functioning of autonomous systems in your body?

In everything that you might think is supposed to go on and hence not to be counted as a blessing? - In the food you have on your plate, the living capacity millions lack on this planet? The clothes you might not have even counted? The shelter you never thought of as a special blessing but would be a dream for the homeless?

And everything else you take for granted that so many would give anything to have!

The loved ones who are doing well, the health that could have been worse and on and on and on.

Do you think Sai might be waiting for you to turn inward and acknowledge His presence within you, in your heart? Do you think you can sit in silence and feel Sai’s miracle presence with every breath and within your own heart chakra?

Let me know if these are greater miracles, though mostly thought of as obvious, or the pictures and messages which of course can be very reassuring and a source of strength, but not vital to your very survival.

Any of these could get knocked off by His raising a finger, yet won’t. Not a single leaf moves unless He wills. No harm can come unless He drops His protection. But do we really remember this? Are we even aware of this armor called Sai that protects us from worse day and night? Do we have any idea what all might have happened that He never even let come near us?

This existence we have been granted is sheer blessing, His greatest miracle. This time on earth and every single thing that comes with it is His special blessing upon His beloved devotee. Without it the next inhalation might not have been possible.

Sai wants you to sit quietly in front of His picture and write down each and every thing, every blessing, every relationship, every moment of joy, moment of honor, moment of reward, every lesson, every belonging and asset you have and have had ever since your childhood. Please make a list of all the above.

Then please make a list of what else you could want and see if this is any comparison to the first list.

Please submit both lists at His feet.

We are in so much debt of Sai that it cannot be fathomed! This is the divine truth! If you feel the same after the above exercise then express your gratitude in your own way to Baba, and you could also pray to now start giving in your own little or large way by serving His men who are less privileged than you, me and so many of us. In reality, this is what will give you the fulfillment that you are looking for.


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