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Silent Sai Meditation - great healing happens in His sacred space

This is an invitation to you to group and individual Sai meditation sessions online every week... give yourself a silent time remembering your divine master, connect to the sacred space deep within.

Often we want to find peace of mind and experience mental calm in the divine presence of our guru or god. Yet something or the other comes up to divert our attention in our busy lives. Our Silent Sai Meditation was started with the purpose of creating this time and space for you thrice every week. Every session of Silent Sai Meditation gives us the deep healing, peace and inner harmony that empties out all the negativity that gets accumulated within. The improvement in the state of mind and body after silent guru meditation is phenomenal. We experience deeper stillness and divine oneness in the sacred space everyday.

We invite you to join this sacred space with likeminded individuals who are also eager to dive deep into the sacred vibrations of the divine master just as you are. It is a sublime experience of immense inner healing, purification and transformation in pure divine consciousness we carry within.

I started my journey of going deeper into my inner divine consciousness with inner divine light meditation in 2011. And I experience greater relief, spiritual elevation and oneness each time I am in the profound silence of His sacred space.

These meditation sessions are intended for the sheer joy, peace, inner stillness and the enriching experience of group meditation in the most sacred loving company of the divine master/ guru, and are provided free of cost. The sessions are conducted on zoom Monday, Thursday and Sunday every week.

If you wish to join these sessions please email me. If you would prefer a different time or day, or require more meditation sessions every week please mention that in your email.

The bliss of Sai stays forever.

Om Sai

Chant Sai 24/7

~ Sunetra

Silent Sai Meditation - healing in His sacred space
Saibaba the divine master


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