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Become one with the Guru within

About Sunetra

Sunetra conducts Silent Sai Smaram - Silent Guru Meditation

Understanding your true self and alignment with your higher consciousness, the Guru within, 

can heal any health condition and simply turn life around for you altogether by180 degrees! The sacred door to Truth opens in the cradle of silence.

Sunetra Basu Devanand is a certified Advanced Theta Healer and Reiki Master Teacher.

Sunetra teaches a powerful meditation called Guru or Sai Meditation that opens the door to one's divine truth within. It awakens the immense power of inner consciousness and brings calmness, healing and recovery from anxiety, depression, stress and other diseases. Regardless of one's belief system, background and religious following, everyone is warmly invited to learn Guru Meditation and know this extraordinary experience.

Meditating on the Beach

The Goal


This website was created to bring together individuals looking for inner calm, balance, peace and healing experienced by finding a sacred space deep within.

We conduct Silent Sai Smaran - Silent Guru Meditation on Zoom every week on Monday, Thursday and Sunday. All are invited to join. Participants need not have experience of meditation, yet experience deep divine presence within leading to calm, lasting peace, relief from anxiety and healing. For those who cannot join Sunetra offers one on one meditation sessions. Great healing happens in His sacred space.

If you are looking for inner peace, pain-relief, healing and a way to manage stress, anxiety and depression in day to day life, reach out to us. Please email us your intent to join so we can add you to our Silent Guru (Sai) Meditation Whatsapp group where we post regular updates and Sai messages related to our online meditation events.



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My Story

Hi, I am an empath and my practice as a healing channel and a teacher of healing arts has been a rewarding journey for myself and my clients and students for over two decades now – a journey that had started back in the year 2000. After having been trained, gifted and practiced noninvasive energy healing methods effectively I recently found myself stepping out of my role as an energy healing channel and into conducting core meditation events in the sacred silence of the divine guru.


It has been twenty-two years of my Reiki journey, a couple of years into Theta Healing methods, and over one and a half decades in dedicated silent meditation that always takes me into the very depths of the divine presence beyond this body-mind identity. I neither planned nor orchestrated any of the amazing healings yet they happened over and over again. It is always the unseen hand of the Creator.


2022 became a turnaround year for me in many ways. While in deep meditation I was ordered by my spiritual master Saibaba of Shirdi to stop all healing services and solely focus on my own spiritual development and healing only through silent meditation in the sacred space of my guru. I have always blindly trusted Him and His timings. Therefore, without a second thought, I completely shut down my healing practice. After two years of silent spiritual work in solitude, I was asked to start silent guru meditation in groups. 

Our Silent Sai Smaran - Silent Guru Meditation sessions are conducted over Zoom video meeting on Monday, Thursday and Sunday every week. To join these meditations and to book one on one sessions with Sunetra email your intent...


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