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The Path to Happiness

Updated: Apr 18

Living the Sai way in awareness - the entire time every day, all day and night…

This is a Sai devotee’s path to happiness…

~ Worship Dattatreya Avatar Sai with all our heart

~ Read Sri Sai Satcharita (His amazing life and teachings)

~ Chant Sai mantras and stotras 

~ Get darshan in Shirdi

~ Take Baba’s healing Udi every day

…these are the usual components of the path of our Saibaba of Shirdi

Baba says ~

Yet in order to dive deep into Sai, we must understand every word of His teachings in Sri Sai Satcharita, and live by them as His golden dictates.

While walking this sacred path a devotee reaches a point when the question arises, how do I know Sai… who He really is?

A good place to start is by asking Baba His grace to know the living Sai deep within oneself and within every other being. And then the humbling journey begins.

Every morning after opening your eyes take darshan(beholding His divine form) of Baba as a picture or in your mind’s vision and then see Him as the Sun, sunlight and the new day you have been given to live. Every night thank Baba for the entire day and the night you could experience. Surrender the entire day and night to Baba’s holy feet… all the moments, good, bad, idle, however it was.

Sense His presence in the air entering through your nostrils every time you breathe. And release, let go and surrender yourself and all your thoughts, pride, guilt, blame, anger, jealousy and all other feelings at His feet every time you exhale. Let it all go, return to the source, the creator, Sai.

Know, You are not the Doer, He is. Know you are not the owner, He is. 

He is the Master. 

Before you eat or drink anything first mentally offer it to Baba with love. He does not care about rituals, all He sees is your intention.

Before using any new object like clothes, equipment, vessel, etc., however big or small it is, surrender it to Baba’s feet and then accepting it as His divine blessing/ prasadam, use it with love and humble gratitude in your heart.

Thank Sai for the gift of life itself, every breath and every moment you get to be on this planet every day. Every lesson and every experience is precious, His gift, His grace upon us. Live in Sai awareness and gratitude for His presence and for blessing you with His remembrance and awareness. Not everyone is destined to know Sai in a lifetime.

Be grateful, be humble, feel for others, and treating the other’s pain as your own serve accordingly, however you can, in your own little or large way. He sees the hidden love, not the size or the monetary value of the act. Know that to be able to give and share is an immense blessing and a rare window of opportunity! Avail it promptly every time as His gift. 

True fulfillment and real lasting peace come from this. Giving selflessly with humility and without expecting a return is the way to give… not even the goodwill, recognition or the pride of giving. Divine bliss follows such act of giving.

- This Sai wants from us His beloved devotees above all else. 

Sai leads, guides and carries us illuminating our path for us all the way. We are never alone. Sai decides our path from ignorance to enlightenment. Once Sai opens His path to us, all we do on our part is live in the sacred awareness of Sai, the divine Self within, and follow His path of universal love. 

Great healing happens in His sacred space.  

Om Sai

Chant Sai 24/7

~ Sunetra

Saibaba of Shirdi - the divine master
The Shirdi Sai Path to lasting happiness


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