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Divine blossom

Divine White Light  Meditation Method

Meditation brings instant inner calm and deep healing.

White Light Healing Meditation Method

This healing meditation is a sacred method that was passed on to Sunetra in deep meditation in the year 2012. Thereafter, she wrote two books on beginners and advanced levels of Divine White Light Meditation respectively, that are available on online on Amazon and other websites. They have helped many individuals manifest abundance, restore health and wellbeing, as well as reach spiritual elevation with this short but very effective daily practice.


Beginners as well as advanced practitioners find Divine White Light Meditation method very helpful as a tool to restore lost health, relationships, lifestyle, and social presence, as well as, to manifest and experience life at a higher level. This method can be learnt regardless of one's cultural background, knowledge and experience in meditation. It is a universal method and is not associated with any religion or belief system. It is not a substitute for any medical treatment. This course includes a powerful attunement by Sunetra at a scheduled date and time with prior appointment. The attunement is necessary to align the individual with the cosmic source of the Divine White Light. All related instructions, course material and the appointment date and time for your White Light attunement will be emailed to you after course registration. Please email your course inquiry to

Divine white light healing meditation

Discover your inner power to manifest a beautiful life.

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