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Live Life by This Thumb Rule

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

The rule of thumb is – what you think is what you become.

We are in the realm where love coexists with yet holds immense potential to overpower its opposite polarity.

We are where love builds upon love and can turn a lost game into an outstanding victory.

We breathe and walk on the plane where much can be created and preserved with the touch of love… Love not only as words and action, but even as just a thought. Projecting loving thought towards any situation is the most powerful weapon to kill the chaos in it.

Relationships ripen and sustain with loving care from at least one of the many involved. There must be the essential glue to bind together participants in any relationship. Love is the adhesive that serves myriad purposes in every transaction. With love you can win hearts. With love you can mend hearts. With love you can rejuvenate dying relationships. Love brings back harmony in life, and deep within the self!

Loving starts with loving your creator, the Divine Universal Super-consciousness. The more you invest time and intend to grow closer to your Divine, the faster your earthly human relationships blossom in Its Grace! The more you send love vibrations through loving thoughts to your family, friends, acquaintances and partner, the more they feel, desire and reciprocate. What you think, what you feel shape your relationships.

Project joy and love, bless all the time, and stay in constant touch with your inner Divine Being. Once you’ve set this foundation the rest will unfold on its own.

Think of love, and love will arrive! This is the realm where like attracts like. If you give love with a clear conscience for the purpose of love, you will get love in return… a vibrant creative frequency of the nature of the Divine, the oasis in the middle of a forsaken parched land. Here what you think is what you experience and perceive. Sit for White Light Healing Meditation for five minutes, visualize that which you want to project in life and cover the thought visual with White Light. Feel the way you wish to be and send the thought Divine White Light everyday twice for just five to ten minutes.

The change within will change its reflection around you. Ignore any apparent chaos and hold on to inner solidarity. The practice energizes and empowers your relationships. Love is the life-force of a relationship. Put life into your dream relationship. Now the magic wand is in your hand.

With love and light!

~ Sunetra Basu Devanand

Divine healing music YouTube channel handle: @divinehealingvibes


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