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Every Breath Counts

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Simple relaxed inhalation and exhalation can take you into a state of peace and tranquility within a few minutes. No other practice needs to accompany it. When you live to engage in

the heart’s true passion, this inner clam state becomes more stable. The love for one’s occupation makes work a blissful experience. That is what makes every breath worth taking… when there is a soul connection with every action.

Remembering the soothing Divine Light of the Guru within the heart realm happens as easily and quickly because you have the Divine Master’s Grace! You do not need to put in effort at all, rather you are to put in all your love and involve yourself heart and soul in the practice.

When the two, that is, breathing and remembrance are combined in meditation, the result is an almost supernatural experience happening through you again and again. An enormous amount of energy is generated that flows throughout your physical body as well as your subtle energy system. Then your chakras are buzzing with the high vibrations that raise the level of life energy in each and every cell, settling the mind in a state of calm, and filling the heart with unconditional love.

All of healing is spontaneous, natural and can only happen with your genuine intention to heal and thrive. Loving is living. The most universal frequency of love is also the one that can make instant healing possible for you. The moment you remember the particular form of Divinity that you worship, there is an automatic surge of love in your thoughts, speech and actions, and harmony is restored within you.

Begin by sitting in a comfortable position, close your eyes and just inhale slowly. Let the rest just follow naturally.

With love and light!

Sunetra Basu Devanand

Divine healing music YouTube channel handle: @divinehealingvibes


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