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Guru Meditation - How To Relax In One Minute

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Divine inspiration is the cause of significant and trivial experiences in life. I have never doubted the presence of the invisible hand in minor and major biological, psychological, emotional and spiritual processes that happen to us at every step in this life of tangible reality. The ‘knowing’ deep within has always been that strong. How to relax in one minute also became possible by divine inspiration.

Guru Meditation for instant relaxation
Guru Meditation for instant relaxation

My practice as a healing channel and a teacher of healing and meditation practices has been a rewarding journey for over two decades now, a journey that had started back in the year 2000.

A new direction came in 2022 when by divine inspiration I started teaching Guru Meditation. Since then this few minute long practice of silence and inner connection with oneself has brought more relief, comfort and destressing to more and more clients of mine than any of them could have imagined.

Anyone looking for inner calm, instant relaxation, healing, and to be at peace with oneself is warmly welcome to learn this Guru Meditation method, regardless of one's belief system, religious following and background. Practitioners of Guru Meditation typically experience instant calm, relaxation, mental clarity and tranquility with a short silent time every day. They feel an overall stability and harmony within themselves.

Learn to reach a state of peaceful oneness with yourself in one minute or a few minutes with sacred Guru Meditation. Numerous clients have mastered how to relax in one minute and found their way back to a happy, peaceful life after a few sessions itself. Anyone can contact me to book sessions. To know more about it please visit


Whatsapp / Call : (011) 91 7899922051 (India)

With love and light!

~ Sunetra Basu Devanand

Divine healing music YouTube channel handle: @divinehealingvibes


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